✨Convert CADINU V1 to V2

On this page, you can visually learn how to convert CADINU V1 tokens to CADINU V2.

  1. It is only possible to migrate using CADINU’s Dapp on the official website. https://apps.cadinu.io/migration

  1. CADINU V1 holders can convert their tokens to CADINU V2 whenever they choose to do so.

We deeply respect and appreciate all our investors who support CADINU. The migration D-app is designed to assist you in seamlessly converting your CADINU V1 tokens to the new version with just three steps:

1. Connect your wallet to the Migration D-app.

  1. Permit the D-app's smart contract to convert your tokens by clicking on the "Enable" button

  1. Confirm the conversion of your CADINU V1 tokens to CADINU V2 by clicking the "Confirm" button.

If you cannot see your CADINU V2 tokens in your wallet, don't worry. Simply add CADINU V2 through the 'add custom token' feature in your wallet

⚠️If you have any questions, only ask your questions in the official group [https://t.me/Cadinuchat]

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