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Before starting, I would like to remind you that at the beginning of the deployment of CADINU TOKEN, we had no intention of migrating to another version, so we had no plans for it. But due to the problems, the proposal to migrate to the second version of CADINU TOKEN was proposed. So we put it to the vote, and with the agreement of the majority of votes, We decided to migrate from the old CADINU version to the new. You can read the details of voting and migration in these two articles: [ CADINU V2 & "Voting To Migrate To CADINU V2; Its Reasons And benefits"]But what I am trying to address in this article is more to address the concerns of some members of the CADINU COMMUNITY, HOLDERS and even NEW INVESTORS. Any reasonable person reading this article can trust CADINU more and that CADINU will be back on top soon.

Adapt or Fall Behind: The Role of Updates in Staying Competitive in Today's Digital Landscape.

Due to the rapid growth of online technology, especially blockchain, and the need for updates, a project must keep up with these updates to continue progressing. Also, due to the ultimate goal of CADINU, which is to create a platform to support pets, and as such, to have CADINU's blockchain, CADINU will become a coin. In the CADINU whitepaper, I mentioned the creation of CADINU's blockchain about two years ago, but I still need to address it fully. That time CADINU COIN will be the main crypto of CADINU 's ecosystem. The CADINU community was shocked when migrating to the new version, which is normal. However, we needed to wait until that time passed and we could get strong again. Now, the time has come to continue our movement much more potent than before. An explanation about why the new CADINU TOKEN is a proxy contract The new version of CADINU TOKEN is a proxy contract; maybe this worries many. Because proxy contracts have the possibility of being updated, I must say that there were positive reasons for writing CADINU's proxy contract, which falls into three categories. Due to the fast coding of the TOKEN version. We could debug that code if there is a bug. And now, months after the launch of CADINU and thousands of transactions, it has been proven that there are no bugs in CADINU TOKEN.

2. If needed, we can update to cooperate with other projects and apps; this option is still open.

3. If any update is required in the token, there is no need to migrate and experience the migration shock before.

The important point that needs to be remembered here is that even when we had not officially announced that CADINU was going to become a DAO, this migration was done with the agreement of the vote, and from now on, as a DAO, any The fundamental change will be put to the vote. Therefore, before the end of 2023, it will be possible to hold votes on CADINU's Dapp.

Unlimited Conversion Time and Importance of Holding CADINU TOKENs in Wallets

It will be possible to convert old CADINU TOKENs into new tokens forever. So you don't need to worry about the time limit. The unlimited conversion time prevents the loss of the rights of the holders. As you know, CADINU is a pioneering project to fight against violating users' rights. Examples of our efforts have been forever recorded in the history of our activities.[read more in this article [ "USERS' RIGHTS" ] In the future, with the creation of the CADINU PET SUPPORT PLATFORM, users will see the reflection of this view more. However, it is essential that the holders keep their CADINU TOKENs in their wallets and not in exchanges because digital currency exchanges are not allowed to receive CADINU Reflection rewards, and wallets are more secure than exchanges. Also, the holders of the old CADINU TOKENs are deprived of receiving the new CADINU reflection bonus as long as they hold the old tokens in their wallets. The only way to convert old CADINU TOKENs to new ones is to use the CADINU Dapp on the official CADINU Website. This Dapp is connected to the new CADINU SMART CONTRACT, and all users worldwide can easily use it. Also, if users have questions and need guidance, they can refer to CADINU's official Telegram group for their questions in the support thread.

Warning: None of the official CADINU staff and volunteer administrators can send private messages to users; anyone who sends you a private message in this regard is a scammer. Please block them and inform them very quickly in the group.

I am incredibly grateful for the support of all members of the CADINU COMMUNITY.

Our combined efforts can bring about meaningful change and improve the world.

With the regards

Bez. B.M.


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